6 Reasons for Concrete Slab Repair

Concrete is one of the most versatile and widely used building materials on Earth. It’s durable, adaptable and rigid, which makes it great for a variety of applications. However, its rigidity may also be a weakness, as concrete is susceptible to cracking. Commercial Flooring Services know that concrete use requires careful handling and attention throughout the process. Below are several reasons homeowners may call for Concrete Slab Repair in Winnipeg.

Excess Moisture

When too much water is mixed into a batch of concrete, it can cause shrinkage. The excess moisture evaporates as the slab dries, causing it to shrink and eventually crack. Winnipeg homeowners can call for concrete slab repair at the first sign of a crack.

Fast Drying

Concrete should be sufficiently cured to prevent cracking that’s associated with fast drying. When concrete is cured, moisture is retained in the slab long enough to allow the piece to strengthen. Plastic film, chemical membranes and water are some ways to cure concrete.

Improper Cement

Concrete is available in different strength grades, which are expressed in PSI or pounds per square inch. Choosing the wrong kind of ready mix cement for a project can cause cracking, or in the worst cases, complete failure of the slab.

Insufficient Control Joints

A control joint is a crack that’s intentionally left in a piece of concrete. Without enough control joints, there is no room for the concrete to shrink during drying, and unplanned, random cracks can appear on its surface. To prevent this from happening, call a flooring company for help with concrete pouring and repair.


Sometimes, even the best workmanship can be negated when the weather refuses to cooperate. If it is too cold or too hot outside, concrete may not fully set, and the surface may crack. When this happens, call a local flooring company for help.

Improper Cleaning

Failure to properly clean and maintain concrete can shorten its lifespan. To clean a concrete slab, remove debris and furniture and gently sweep the area. Following that, mix dish detergent and water and use a stiff brush to scrub the concrete until it is clean. Use a hose to rinse away the soap before giving it a thorough inspection. For large spaces, use a pressure washer to quickly remove stains and dirt.

If there are cracks in a slab of concrete, call Winnipeg Flooring Companies for repairs. Working with concrete can be difficult, and these complex jobs are best left to the experts. With help from a flooring repair contractor, a homeowner can tackle any concrete repair job.

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